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Nesbitt Stone is unique for many reasons.


The dominant colours of Nesbitt Stone are white, red and black.  Nesbitt Stone is naturally rounded from glacial "river washing" over thousands of years. This colourful combination lends itself well to any environment and provides a natural, long-lasting alternative to bark and mulch.


Having a quality natural resource is only the first step in providing an excellent product for our customers.  Over the years Nesbitt Aggregates has perfected unique processing equipment and methods which are unsurpassed by any other aggregate producer.  This ensures a thoroughly washed product which enhances the natural colour combination.


Because of its natural composition, Nesbitt Stone is hard and durable. Granite will outperform and outlast other stones because it is acid-rain resistant and absorbs only minimal amounts of moisture.  As a result, Nesbitt Stone resists break-up even under the most severe cyclic freeze-thaw conditions.


At Nesbitt Aggregates we take the quality of our products very seriously.  We take great pride in producing only the best possible stone for our customers.  To do this we have designed and built most of out processing equipment ourselves.  This ensures maximum and efficient productivity for our type of aggregates.  The processing system, which covers more than 8 acres, includes numerous screening plants, scrubbers and conveyors.  Raw material is processed and sized over 260 tons per hour into at least 15 different products at one time.  Thousands of gallons of water are used per hour in the washing and scrubbing process.  This unique processing system enables us to provide our customers with a product that is exceptionally clean and accurately sized.



"Setting the standards in aggregates since 1967"

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