Nesbitt Aggregates is a family owned and operated company specializing in the processing of Canadian Granite. We have been leaders in aggregate production since 1967 when our focus turned from dairy farming to aggregate production after a tragic barn fire. We quickly developed markets which included exposed precast, roofing ballast and landscaping. As improved methods were developed our stone became appreciated and recognized for its beauty and uniqueness. Before long it was being used in a variety of specialized applications. Today, Nesbitt Aggregates produces only for specialty markets with year round delivery of bulk, palletized and bagged material. "Nesbitt Canadian Granite is absolutely unique for many reasons. All Nesbitt Stone is extracted by open pit mining of an ancient seabed of igneous metamorphic origin which is predominately granite. Because of its geographical composition, the grain of the stone is dominant throughout the natural blend, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind."


For Nearly 40 years the Nesbitt Family has taken pride in providing top quality, decorative stone for both the Canadian and American markets. What started as a one man operation has turned into an international family business. Pictured above are George, Cathy and Karen Nesbitt.



"Setting the standards in aggregates since 1967"

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